How Does a CCTV Drain Inspection Camera Work?

Drain inspection cameras (also known as sewer cameras or pipe inspection cameras) have changed the plumbing industry forever, helping plumbers to know everything that is happening inside pipes and drains that are underground without having to physically inspect them. This helps determine the cause of the blocked drain so they can recommend an affordable and […]

The Benefits of Relining Your Drains

Plumber doing pipe relining

Many find drain repairs stressful due to the time-consuming process and the high cost that often follows, however, fast drain repairs are highly important. During traditional repairs, extensive digging often takes place to access the pipelines, which causes damage to the landscape and a huge bill for the property owner.  At LCL Plumbing, our well-established […]

8 Myths You Need to Know About Cleaning Your Drain

Stop looking at ‘quick fixes’ for your blocked drains online. These “fast solutions” could potentially be causing further damage to the original issue, resulting in significant issues and larger costs in the future. If you seriously want to fix your blocked drain, then you need to read these 8 myths about cleaning them: Myth One: […]