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CCTV Drain Inspections Melbourne

A CCTV camera drain inspection is the only non-invasive way to accurately and efficiently assess the condition of your drains.

Efficient, Cost-Effective CCTV Drain Camera Inspections

Here at LCL Plumbing & Drainage, we pride ourselves on delivering world-class services from inquiry to inspection and beyond. Our team of local experts right here in the heart of Melbourne understand your frustrations when faced with a plumbing issue, particularly when you cannot see the source or severity of the damage directly. By choosing our CCTV drain inspection, you will gain:


A full and thorough CCTV drain inspection to access, assess, and diagnose the reasons for your drainage problems.

Local Support

Support from a local team that offers quick 24/7 call-outs to commercial and residential properties throughout Melbourne.

Expert Advice

Clear diagnostics followed by advice on the next steps needed to correct the issues – we can complete the work on-site too!

Fast Service

A fast and efficient service is underpinned by the fact that we boast cameras and equipment matched to virtually every job.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind from knowing that your blocked drain and plumbing problems have been treated to the highest standards.

We also appreciate that this is a very frustrating moment for you. The last thing you need is a financial headache, which is why we provide all of our CCTV inspection and plumbing services at exceptional prices. We even offer interest-free payment plans by humm!

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Why CCTV Drain Inspections?

Have you noticed an issue with your drain? Or maybe you’re purchasing a new home and want to make sure you aren’t buying costly plumbing problems? A drain inspection is the only non-invasive way to accurately and efficiently assess the condition of your drains.

LCL Plumbing use top of the range equipment, including push rod and tractor. We can pinpoint the exact location of the issue, eliminating all guesswork and wasted time you might experience with other plumbers.

CCTV drain camera inspections provide:

  • Visual evidence of pipe, junction and bend condition.
  • Early warning of hazardous and costly tree root invasion.
  • Exact location and depth of underground broken pipes (via sound locators).
  • Quality, colour video footage and a map of your drain.
  • A detailed condition report to advise the best drainage solution for your budget.

Please note that all CCTV camera inspections can be recorded on DVD/USB at your request. This is particularly useful when you need to provide evidence of a fault for an insurance claim or prove existing drainage problems before purchasing your new property.

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CCTV Drain inspections

In need of a CCTV Camera Drain Inspection in Melbourne?

A professional plumbing team you can trust

In addition to our customer-centric approach, LCL Plumbing & Drainage complies with all local and state-wide services to deliver excellence on every job. We meet all relevant Victorian Building Authority (VBA) regulations while we hold memberships to the Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology (ASTT), Master Plumber’s guild, and The International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT). 

When dealing with a drainage issue, you don’t simply want a general plumber. You need the dedicated support of a team that specialises in drain plumbing. LCL Plumbing & Drainage implements the latest technologies, including CCTV drain inspections, to treat every problem from blocked sewers to blocked stormwater.

We can also offer drain cleaning, drain relining, and drain plumbing to restore normality to your home or business.

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How do CCTV drain inspections work

When arranging a call-out for CCTV drain inspections to clear a blockage, you deserve a quick solution that will get your drains running smoothly once more while simultaneously protecting the system against future situations. Here at LCL Plumbing & Drainage, our Melbourne-wide services make the process easier than you ever imagined. 

  • Call us, and we’ll send a certified engineer out to your property ASAP or at the allocated time slot.
  • The engineer will access your drains using one of our many different cameras and other tech like access rods and crawlers.
  • The engineer will additionally use sonar units to take auditory readings and gain insights into areas that plumbers can’t reach due to blockages.
  • All information is fed back to the engineer in real-time. They will subsequently provide clear diagnostics in terms that you can understand.
  • The advised treatment can be completed there and then, or you can take the findings and complete the works in whatever way you feel is best.
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FAQ's about CCTV Drain Camera Inspections

  • There are several reasons for a drain camera inspection:

    • You have noticed issues with your house slab, rising dampness or ground subsidence.
    • You have noticed issues with a blocked drain.
    • You are buying a new home and want peace of mind that there are no plumbing issues, or you may revise your offer if there are plumbing issues that require attention.
    • You are building a deck or laying new concrete. It’s always a good idea to check there are no plumbing issues before starting work. That way, you will avoid digging up any new concrete or landscaping for repairs in the future.
    • We also work with commercial properties, strata managers and builders.

Yes. In order to get clear vision of the drain we generally use a high pressure water jet  to clean out the drain prior to the drain camera inspection. All of our vans are fully equipped with the latest technology equipment to clean your drain quickly and efficiently so we can proceed with the inspection.

LCL Plumbing have over 20 top of the range drain cameras. We can check drains from 20mm up to 1,500mm in diameter.

Whether a drain camera inspection is covered by insurance will depend on the circumstances and your insurer. If you are experiencing issues with a leak or water damage then a drain camera inspection will likely be covered.

Please do not hesitate to call us on 1800 601 569 and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about insurance and drain camera inspections.

CCTV Drain Services

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We use CCTV drain services to ensure that we take the right approach when unblocking a drain.

CCTV drain technology is both versatile and accurate, not to mention that it is the best way for you to ensure the job gets done properly the first time around.

When we use the CCTV method, we will lower a camera into your piping system, and we will then be able to see the problem on a screen in another location. This is ideal if you are a homeowner and suspect you have a blockage, as we can manipulate the camera in any direction.

Another huge bonus of using this technique is that it helps us to evaluate the general condition of your drains at the same time, so you can deal with any potential problems before they become too disruptive or expensive.

Our Other Services

We also offer other plumbing emergency services including:

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