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Plumbing Maintenance Services in Melbourne

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Minimise the risk of costly plumbing repairs with regular plumbing maintenance

Plumbing System Maintainace

Most of the time we don’t worry about how clean water flows into our home or how waste goes out until there’s a problem. By this time your are likely to be up for some costly repairs. Regular plumbing maintenance can help to avoid these problems, as well as save on water and energy bills.

LCL Plumbing maintenance services include:

  • CCTV drain camera inspections to assess the condition of plumbing and help prevent future issues.
  • High-pressure water jet drain cleaning to ensure drains are free from debris that may build up and cause blockages in the future.
  • Water filter replacement.
  • Gas and electrical appliance servicing.
  • Solar maintenance.
  • Tap washer maintenance to prevent leaks and water wastage.
  • Annual maintenance for roof cleaning.

Home Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Of course, there are some things that you can do in your home to maintain and monitor the condition of your plumbing as well. Here are some maintenance tips:

    • Try to limit how hard you make your drains work. Throw fat, oil and grease in the rubbish instead of down the sink.
    • Only flush toilet paper down the toilet. Never flush wet wipes, nappies or sanitary items.
    • Use drain strainers in kitchen and bathroom sinks to avoid food and hair clogging the drain. Clean the drain strainers regularly.
    • Avoid the use of chemical clog removal products. They often do more harm than good and can corrode your pipes.
    • Check under sinks regularly for leaks. Look for signs of moisture, including water marks, puddles of water and mould growth.
home plumbing maintenance plumber
One of our plumbers doing routine plumbing maintenance in a Melbourne home hot water service
  • Clean out the lint trap of your washing machine regularly.
  • Monitor sink and shower drains. Drains should have a full swirl while the water goes down. If drains are slow to drain or bubbles appear while draining these are signs of a clogged drain.
  • Check all taps for signs of water leaking, either from the handles or the spout.
  • Check the relief valve on your hot water service once a month. To do this simply raise and lower the test lever several times. Water should rush out of the end of the drain pipe.

Ensure your plumbing is in the best of health with LCL’s team of specialist plumbers. Our fully equipped service vehicles operate throughout Melbourne, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We use the latest technology and materials to save you time and money.

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