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LCL Plumbing & Drainage are drain & pipe relining specialists in Melbourne.

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What does pipe relining do?

Drain or pipe relining is a specialist, no-dig technology for repairing broken or damaged pipes.

The process involves the installation of a lining that bonds to the inside of your pipes and creates a new pipe within the old one.

No excavation is required

Thia makes pipe relining the most efficient and cost-effective drain repair solution available and means a lot less mess and disruption for you and your family!

This method also allows access and repair of otherwise inaccessible pipes such as pipes under a building or deep in the ground.

The Pipe Relining Process

  1. The first step is a CCTV drain camera inspection. We use this to pinpoint the exact problem areas needing attention and give a detailed diagnosis and report.
  2. Following this, we use a high-pressure water jet to clean the existing pipework thoroughly. This ensures a clean and even surface on the internal walls of the pipe for best results.There are several different methods of drain relining and repairs. These include spray lining, inversion, cure in place, patch lining and UV lining, among others. Our specialist plumbers will choose the best option for your particular job.
  3. Once the lining is in place and curing time is complete, you will have structurally sound, good-as-new pipes!

LCL Plumbing & Drainage drain relining services includes:

  • Tree root intrusion repair. The seamless pipe liner also prevents future tree root intrusion.
  • Relining specific pipe lengths, rather than fixing areas still in working order, reduces time and cost.
  • Repairing cracked, broken, badly aligned and missing sections of pipe.

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5 easy steps to getting your damaged pipes relined


Don’t want your garden, floorboards or place of business closed and dug up to fix a damaged drain? Then pipe-lining is the solution you’re looking for. Using a portable pipe inspection camera, the problem can quickly be identified and fixed using access through the pipe itself. No dig means no mess and minimal disruption. The process is fast & safer than traditional pipe replacement methods.

Step 1

Our team do a careful inspection of the pipe using a CCTV camera to identify the problem.

Pipe Relining Stage 1 Infographic

Step 2

Once an inspection is completed, we do a thorough cleaning of the drain to prepare for relining.

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No excavation means no nasty surprises. There is no risk of accidentally finding or damaging other services or running into unforeseen challenges. This can add unexpected costs to the repair. Pipe-lining can add to the lifespan of your pipes, making it a great solution for both the environment and your budget.

Step 3

We then complete the installation of the epoxy resin liner into the problematic pipes.

Pipe Relining Stage 3 Infographic

Step 4

A bladder is inserted into the pipe and inflated, pushing the liner against the old pipe wall, while the resin sets.

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Pipe relining is a permanent repair that is stronger than the original pipe and is not affected by household oils or chemicals. LCL pipe re-lining means we can repair small or large sections of pipework. This makes repairs economical as you only pay for sections of pipe that need to be repaired, not the entire length. LCL pipe re-lining creates a structural repair and can be used in other practical applications:

  • Close off unwanted connections
  • Create a pipe where the original pipe is missing
  • Smooth the transition of offset pipes

Step 5

The bladder is removed, and a final CCTV inspection is conducted to ensure the pipe is fully repaired.

Pipe Relining Stage 5 Infographic

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FAQ's about pipe and drain relining in Melbourne

Drain relining is a ‘no dig’, trenchless method our plumbers can use to repair pipes from 50mm to 1,500mm in diameter.

The cost of drain relining depends on the pipe’s size, the length of pipe to be repaired, and job difficulty. Relining junctions is more costly than relining straight lengths of pipe.

Each job is unique, so at LCL Plumbing, we quote each job individually. It is important that we understand the exact nature of the issue to provide an accurate quote, so there are no surprises down the track.

But don’t worry, we are very competitive on price, and we beat pipe repair quotes! Call us today and speak with one of our friendly, licensed plumbers about quality and cost-effective pipes and drains solutions.

Our plumbers can complete most drain relining jobs within 1 day, but of course, this depends on the size and complexity of the job. Drain relining is a permanent drain repair solution, and you can use your drain as normal once the curing process is complete. Curing usually takes between 1 and 24 hours.

Absolutely! The material we use comes from a supplier in Europe and has a 50-year warranty. We will also provide you with a plumbing certificate which is valid for 7 years.

Yes. Drain relining is a specialist job, so don’t risk time and money with less experienced plumbers. Experience and correct tooling are the most important components of success. If it fails or is installed incorrectly, the pipes will likely need to be dug up and replaced, leading to further costs.

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What causes sewer pipe backups?

Drain and sewer backups are one of the most frequently occurring plumbing problems for customers. Sometimes the issue is as simple as a small clog in the drain. Other times, however, the problem is located deeper in the pipe and requires a more extensive fix. The most common causes of sewer pipe backups.

  • Tree Roots
  • Conditions leading to misalignment of pipes and eventual collapse
  • Sewer Pipe materials, such as clay, a brittle material
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You can rest easy your pipe relining comes with a 50-year product warranty. All work is guaranteed with a VBA compliance certificate.

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Interest Free Pipe Relining Payment Plans

We are pleased to announce that we now offer payment plan options through HMM – to make it easier for our customers to pay for our services! We understand that unexpected repairs or maintenance can affect the family budget. Let us help make it easier and take the stress away by offering a No Interest Ever – Payment Plan option.

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We also offer other plumbing emergency services including:

With years of experience in the industry and a team who will go to any lengths to ensure your satisfaction, it’s safe to say that you won’t find anyone who cares as much or who tries as hard as we do when it comes to drain relining in Melbourne.

Monster Yabbie Found in a Melbourne Drain Pipe

Look at what we found during a CCTV camera inspection. This monster yabbie was lurking in a drain pipe unbeknownst to our customers living above.

(No Yabbie’s were harmed during the making of this video)

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