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We understand blocked drains can happen at any time of the day or night and are an emergency! Our emergency plumbing lines are open 24/7 – click to call 1300 553 173, and one of our Melbourne plumbers will be out to help you straight away!

Our team utilises state of the art technology, including CCTV drain camera diagnostic services (including push rod and tractor), electric eel and high-pressure water jets to clear blocked drains in Melbourne quickly and efficiently.

Think You Have a Blocked Drain? Here Are Some Signs of a Blocked Sewer Drain:

  • Your toilet water rises above regular level, but has no noticeable blockage.
  • Your toilet water drops below regular level, or even disappears.
  • Your shower is slow to drain, or doesn’t drain at all.
  • You notice overflowing water from the outdoor gully grease trap.
  • You hear gurgling noises from anywhere throughout your plumbing.
  • You notice strong sewer odours/smells.

Blocked Stormwater Drains Melbourne

You might have a blocked stormwater drains if:
  • Your stormwater pipes and/or roof gutters overflow when it rains.
  • You notice localised flooding at stormwater exit point.
  • There is noticeable dampness in ground areas.
  • Your pipes and inspection openings are full of water or hold water.

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What Causes a Blocked Stormwater Drains?

If you have blocked stormwater drains at your Melbourne home or business then your first thought will probably be, what’s causing the blockage? The most common blockage that we deal with would be environmental matter. This can include dirt, leaves or even sand.

We’ve also come across mulch, bark and pebbles in the past. Water picks up whatever lies in its path and it carries it down to the grate or the pipes. If matter like this accumulates then it will eventually lead to a blockage.

The problem with stormwater drains is that the water runs down them during heavy rainfall and this compounds the issue, making it far worse as well as putting you at risk for flooding

What Causes a Blocked Sewer Drain?

Blockages in pipes can be horrible, and it can stop waste from being able to leave your property. You may well have a blockage if you find it very hard to flush your toilet properly or if your sink empties slowly.

When wastewater cannot flow away, it will come back up through your toilet, potentially flooding your home. LCL Plumbing & Drainage are experts in the field when it comes to drain unblocking and sewers in Melbourne, and we have seen a lot of different blockages in our time.

Our blocked drain plumbers have dealt with a huge range of obstructions, including:

  • Fat
  • Wet Wipes
  • Sanitary Items & More

Some wet wipes are clearly labelled as being “flushable”, but this isn’t always the case as even they can block your pipes, leading to potential issues in the future. That’s why it’s vital that you throw away items like this because if you don’t, it can lead to blocked drains.

Is the Blockage in My Home?

If you are dealing with a blocked drain, then you may not even know if the issue lies within your home. Our Melbourne plumbers will work with you to identify where the issue is whether it’s at your property or with a neighbouring household so that the issue can be resolved in the shortest possible time.

We have a lot of experience with both indoor and outdoor sewage blockages, so you can count on our blocked drain plumber to resolve the issue in no time at all, whether it’s 3am on a weekend or in the middle of the day.

Why Choose LCL Plumbing & Drainage?

Blocked sewerage pipes can cause huge issues for your property, not to mention that the bacteria present will not make the property safe for you and your family if the issue is not dealt with immediately.

That’s why we will do everything we can to provide you with the best possible service, coming out to your location immediately with all the right tools to get the job done. You won’t find anyone else who can sort your blocked sewer in Melbourne faster than we can.

Information about Blocked Drains | LCL Plumbing

FAQ's about Blocked Drains Melbourne

  • Use of non-flushing materials such as wet wipes, sanitary items and nappies.
  • Tree roots growing in the drain.
  • Grease build up from fat/oil.
  • Incorrectly installed plumbing.
  • Old, rusted pipes, and dislodged or broken pipes.

We understand blockages can happen at any time of the day and are an emergency! That’s why our lines are open 24/7. We have a fleet of fully equipped vehicles on the road and can be out to help you straight away.

Yes, it’s usually fine to leave it and call us first thing in the morning. It will not damage the pipes to leave them blocked for a few more hours and there is usually an overflow outside which will manage the excess water until the blockage is cleared.

In fact, waiting until the morning will make our job easier and quicker, saving you time and money!

However, if there is flooding inside the house you should call us straight away to minimise damage. Our lines are open 24/7 and we can send a specialist plumber out to help straight away.

Don’t waste time and money with less experienced plumbers. Our plumbers specialise in blocked drains, clearing multiple drains everyday, with the latest technology equipment at their disposal. The time it takes to clear a blocked drain depends on the cause of the blockage and the type of blocked drain, either sewer or stormwater.

On average a blocked sewer takes between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours to clear.

A blocked stormwater drain is usually a bit more complex and takes approximately 1-2 hours to clear. Often stormwater drains have been blocked or partially blocked for a longer period of time before being noticed. This means that tree roots have had more time to grow or pipes may have collapsed.

Before starting, our specialist plumbers will use a CCTV drain camera to locate the blockage and determine the cause of the blockage. Once the blockage has been cleared using a high pressure water jet, we will reinspect the drain using the CCTV drain camera to check that the drain is 100% clear. Then we’ll provide you with a report detailing any issues with the pipework which may lead to further blockages in the future.

All of our vans are equipped with the latest technology equipment to clear blocked drains fast so it’s not often we can’t clear a drain. The most common reasons we are unable to clear a blocked drain is when the drain has no access, the drain has collapsed or there is something in the drain that we can’t clear such as large tree roots or concrete. In this case we’ll provide you with a detailed, no obligation quote to repair the drain.

A blocked drain means the water in the pipe has nowhere to go. It will overflow out of the lowest point or if the drain has any breaks or cracks underground, the water will seep into the ground. Over time this can lead to structural damage of concrete slabs and foundations.

If the blockage is caused by tree roots, these will grow bigger and bigger over time causing greater damage to the pipes.

At LCL Plumbing we pride ourselves on fair, competitive and transparent pricing. We understand that fixing plumbing issues can be expensive, that’s why we’re happy to offer interest free payment plans to our customers.

Yes, taking these steps before your plumber arrives will make their job easier and faster, saving you time and money!

  • If you know where the main sewer point is located, check this to see if it is full of water. If it is full of water then the blockage may actually be in the water authority main. You can contact your local water authority and they will generally come out within a couple of hours and take a look free of charge.
  • Locate any relevant plumbing documentation you may have such as house plans. These can assist the plumber in understanding the setup of the plumbing and find the source of the problem quicker.
  • Uncover any plumbing access points outside, if you know where they are located.
  • Make a note of which specific fixtures appear to be blocked or having difficulty draining, so you can show the plumber when they arrive.
CCTV Drain Services | LCL Plumbing

CCTV Drain Services

We use CCTV drain services to ensure that we take the right approach when unblocking a drain.

CCTV drain technology is both versatile and accurate, not to mention that it is the best way for you to ensure the job gets done properly the first time around.

When we use the CCTV method, we will lower a camera into your piping system and we will then be able to see the problem on a screen, which is in another location. This is ideal if you are a homeowner and suspect you have a blockage, as we can manipulate the camera in any direction.

Another huge bonus of using this technique is that it helps us to evaluate the general condition of your drains at the same time, so you can deal with any potential problems before they become too disruptive or expensive.

High-Pressure Drain Unblockages

Tissue, oils, fats and more can all create a sticky environment for your sewage drains and it can cause them to trap bigger items.

With high-pressure jetting, you not only clear the blockage but also clean the drains.

This method leaves no damage to your property and there is also no drilling or digging involved. A quick blast of water will clear all the drain, in a matter of minutes. Our team use this method, in combination with CCTV because we truly believe that it is the best way to assess and then deal with the situation at hand. We also use a huge range of other techniques too, should we be dealing with a more complex blockage.

Drain Camera Inspection | LCL Plumbing

How can you tell if your drain is blocked?

Most people are unaware of the cost and disruption that a blocked drain can amount to if left untouched. If you ignore the signs of a blocked drain, and the problem escalates, it will become more difficult and expensive to fix, as well as interfere with your property. It might be tempting to ignore, but it is important that you call a plumber as soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary.

We have compiled this list of the 5 most common signs of a blocked drain to help you assess the situation and have time to call us before more damage is caused. We highly recommend that you call us and our blocked drain specialists to assess and repair the situation.

1. Water is draining slowly

The water in your sink, toilet, shower or bath draining slower than usual is a very common sign that you’ve got a blocked drain. If you’re showering, you may notice that water is pooling at your feet rather than immediately going down the drain. If you ignore this sign, it may make showering and cleaning more difficult over time.

2. Your drain has a strange smell or odour

A bad smell coming from your drain could be a sign of a blocked drain. Whatever is clogging your drain will eventually emit a strange odour as it begins rotting or decomposing in your drains. You won’t need to stick your nose right up to the drain, as you typically can smell it from a distance and it will become hard to ignore.

3. Your drain is making a gurgling or bubbling noise

Another sign that you’ve got a blocked drain is whether it is making a strange noise. If air is trapped in pipes as a result of a blockage, your drains and toilet will begin making gurgling sounds.

4. The water level in your toilet is rising

A very easy sign of a blocked toilet drain is the water level. A blocked drain will result in your water levels rising more than usual after flushing. If it begins overflowing, immediately call us to assess the issue instead of grabbing a plunger.

5. Your floors or walls are damp

A major sign of a damaged or collapsed drain is dampness around your home. If you notice damp patches in your wall or floor, it is important to call a drain special as soon as possible. If this problem is ignored, it can lead to irreversible damage to your home.

No matter the severity of these signs, we recommend giving LCL Plumbing a call to assess any damage to your home. At LCL Plumbing, we provide upfront and detailed service for any kind of blocked drains. After we’ve inspected your problem, we will determine a suitable solution and only commence repairs once you’ve approved the quote provided by our specialists.

Have you noticed any of these issues in your home? Give LCL Plumbing a call for a repair quote or go to our website to contact us.

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Drain Cleaning With Jetting System | LCL Plumbing

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