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Robotic CCTV Tractor Camera for Sewers & Stormwater Drains Melbourne

Robotic sewer & stormwater CCTV tractor cameras are used for measurement, inspection, and recording in restricted areas.

Diagnose & Understand The Issue with a tractor camera

A robotic drain stormwater camera is an essential tool for diagnosing and understanding the cause and extent of large pipe issues. Also known as a drain inspection camera or crawler camera, it is used for measurement, inspection, and recording in restricted areas and pipes.

 They are valuable pieces of equipment for both individual residential jobs as well as for larger council jobs.

Some of our clients with large drains include:

  • Councils
  • Water Authorities
  • Sports Ovals and
  • Industrial Properties.

We can also provide WinCam footage for clients that require specific reporting.

We also have the equipment to clean and reline large-sized drains.

Robotic drain stormwater cameras can move through stormwater drains and ewers, offering both live video footage and high-quality WinCam recordings to help you understand the cause of any issues and get an exact location. This helps save time, manpower, resources, and money.

When there is a blocked drain or an issue somewhere in an underground utility system, it can be challenging to get to the bottom of what is going on.The good news is that drain and pipeline inspection cameras mean that we will get to those restricted and seemingly impossible to reach areas to get a good understanding of what is going on in your system to make the quick rectifications that are required, ensuring the most efficient and effective plan is presented to you. 

Here at LCL Plumbing & Drainage, we pride ourselves on being one step ahead of the game and using the most innovative and effective technology to get to the bottom of any problems or issues. Read on to discover more about the service we provide, and please do not hesitate to give us a call if you would like some more assistance. 

We will highlight the many benefits of using robotic drain cameras. Whether you are working on a small job or a large project, a tractor camera will make your job a whole lot easier.

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Determine the Exact Cause of the Issue

There are many different reasons why it makes sense to go for this service when it comes to inspecting your drain systems. A camera will allow you to pinpoint the precise location where the issue is. This means that we can see where the problem is without needing to cause any disruption to the storm water line or plumbing system. Instead, we can figure out the most efficient way to get in there and rectify the problem without causing much disruption. 

There are several different benefits that customers can expect. Firstly, it means that the plumbing issue can get fixed at a record speed. In the past, you may have been without your plumbing system for days or even weeks on end while professionals tried to get to the bottom of the problem. You do not have to worry about this with the advanced inspection technology that we use here.

In addition to this, this means that we can offer you cheaper repair costs in comparison to what other companies may be able to. This is because we can make sure that repair is provided most efficiently. If that was not enough, you can also prevent an unneeded excavation, which would have been another cost for you to deal with. Instead, you get an efficient, effective, and affordable service here.

Tree Roots, Grease & Rust

Tree roots, grease deposits, and rust are just some of the potential causes of drain pipe issues. It is only when you can fully understand the cause of the issue that you can plan a strategy to resolve it. 

In the case of tree roots, this might be a problem deep in the pipe system, which would not be easily diagnosed without a drain inspection camera. The severity of the issue and the exact location can be determined.

With regards to grease deposits, it is common that debris can build up at junctions within the sewer system. A robotic drain inspection camera is excellent at navigating sewer pipes and locating the issue.

Tractor Camera Results | LCL Plumbing

Locate Breaks In the Line

Finding the location of a break so that it can be repaired quickly is another key benefit of a drain inspection camera. A break in the line can result in sewage leaking into the property’s foundation or into the yard, resulting in significant damage.

As well as locating breaks, it can also help to find any leaks along the line. Some leaks can be challenging to locate. A robotic camera is the perfect piece of equipment for getting an accurate understanding of where the leak is.

Help Find Lost Valuables

It often happens that people accidentally lose valuable items such as rings, earrings, and necklaces down the drain, often when washing the dishes. If the valuable item is still in the pipes, it can be found with a robotic drain inspection camera.

Eliminate Unnecessary Digging

Digging up an entire lawn or car park to find an obstruction or leak is something that should be avoided at all costs. It was generally necessary to dig a long trench along where the pipe runs to locate the issue in the past. This can be time-consuming and require significant repair work afterwards.

With a robotic camera, this won’t be necessary. The camera will be able to enter the pipe and move along until it locates the issue. The location can be pinpointed so that only a small section of digging will be necessary to carry out repairs.

Common Causes of Sewer Pipe Problems

Unfortunately, when there are blockages, they have a habit of not always being in the most convenient places. The last thing you want to do is dig up your entire drain system to find out what is causing the issue. The good news is that you do not have to. Technology has advanced considerably today, and there are now a whole host of innovative solutions that can help us get to the bottom of any issue.

Severe pipe damage, when drain water will not effectively drain through the system, can occur for several reasons. Pipes can become damaged over time due to shifting soil, increased traffic overhead, heavy construction equipment overhead, or corrosion.

As noted above, street root infiltration is a common cause of pipe issues, especially older pipes. These roots can cause blockages along the line and, as they grow over time, can result in breaks. 

Trees often make their way into sewer lines as the pipes contain water, nutrients, and oxygen, which are essential to their growth. While trees enjoy being there, they can be a real nuisance for residential and commercial property owners.

A wireless tractor camera can help to determine the exact issue.

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