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Understanding what a hydrostatic test is and why you need one

The vast majority of homeowners today know that plumbing leaks can cause a considerable amount of damage to their properties. If you leave this without treatment, you can end up with a whole host of problems, including foundation movement/house heaving, power disruptions, mould, loss of water, and much more. 

As soon as you notice a problem, it is important to get in touch with LCL Plumbing as quickly as possible. We have many different tools that we can rely upon to test for leaks and provide solutions to any plumbing-related problem you may be experiencing. Carrying out a hydrostatic test is just one of the options we have available. 

A hydrostatic test is a fast and straightforward way of monitoring the water levels to determine if you have any leaks in the pipes in your home. It is all in the name. Hydro stands for water, whereas static stands for standing.

A hydrostatic test is carried out by filling the pipe, i.e. pressurising it, and then assessing it. After this, we will monitor the pressure level to determine whether or not there have been any changes. If there has been a drop in the pressure, that indicates that there is a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. 

If you believe that there could be a leak in the plumbing system in your home, you need to have a hydrostatic test so you can figure out whether there is a leak under your slab.

However, this is not the only reason why so many people in Melbourne contact us for this service. Another valuable time to have this test performed is when you are purchasing a new property.

After all, a property represents a significant investment, and so the last thing you want to do is move in and find that you have even more expenses on your hands. In a lot of scenarios, the current owners may be unaware of the fact that they have a leak. However, you will certainly want to make sure that it is their responsibility to fix the leak and pay for it before you purchase the home.

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The best part is we can test only specific sections of your drains, meaning we can pinpoint the exact area of the leak. Once we locate the leak site, we will be able to provide a quote on rectification works.

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