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A non-invasive way to repair your pipes and deal with blockages​

If you have a drain blockage that won’t seem to budge, our robotic cutter service is just the thing you need! This is a cutting head that is attached to the end of an air pipe. We send this down a blocked drain, and it effectively grinds the blockage away. 

Drain blockages can be incredibly frustrating, but they can happen from time to time. One of the worst things you can do in this situation is to attempt to rectify the issue yourself. There is a lot of bad advice online, from pouring different chemicals down the sink to pushing a coat hanger down the toilet – don’t do it! This will make the problem worse. 

Instead, you need an experienced and reputable company that has the right equipment. This is exactly what you have here! 

Often, the issue is a bigger one than people expect. Yes, wet wipes and hair can cause blockages, but usually, the problem runs a lot deeper than this and much more comprehensive service is required. So, you will want someone who uses the latest methods and can provide you with a quick and cost-effective service.

One of the main reasons why robotic cutter sewer services come so highly recommended is because they provide you with a non-invasive way of repairing your pipes and dealing with blockages. After all, the last thing you want is for someone to come to your property and leaving you with an even bigger repair bill on your hands. 

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Simple, quick, and effective

A robotic cutter provides you with a quick, easy, and effective solution. This is because this cutter is quick to set up, and it enables us to provide a timely service! No matter what the obstruction is, a robotic cutter offers an excellent solution.

LCL Plumbing & Drainage can also remove concrete, steel and other materials which may be stuck in your pipes.

Tackle root ingress with our robotic cutter services

Our robotic cutting units are utilised to get rid of root ingress from sewers and drains. This includes both tap and fibrous roots, and it happens when they break into the pipes, looking for water. Typically, roots are cut out when a drain is being prepared for rehabilitation via CIPP reline. A considerable amount of time can be saved when using robotic cutters to remove root ingress. This also means a more affordable solution for you. 

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