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Grease Traps

Successful grease trap installation is only part of the bigger picture
LCL Plumbing’s team of specialists plumbers provide plumbing solutions to commercial kitchens.
We ensure grease traps are located away from customers, yet remain in reach of plumb-out trucks. Our state of the art technology ensures we provide the best plumbing solution for your budget.
We can advise you on you exisiting grease trap set-up or work out with you prior to installation.

LCL Plumbing grease trap service include

  • advise regarding location of grease trap to ensure contaminants are kept away from customers
  • advise regarding the best size and grease trap style for your specific needs
  • compliance advise to ensure your grease trap meets council and other regulatory requirements
  • OH&S tips to minimise risk to employees
  • Correct installation to prevent oil and grease from entering sewerage mains
  • Scheduled washing and cleaning advise for customers

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