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How Can You Tell If Your Drain Is Blocked?

Most people are unaware of the cost and disruption that a blocked drain can amount to if left untouched. If you ignore the signs of a blocked drain, and the problem escalates, it will become more difficult and expensive to fix, as well as interfere with your property. It might be tempting to ignore, but it is important that you call a plumber as soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary.

We have compiled this list of the 5 most common signs of a blocked drain to help you assess the situation and have time to call us before more damage is caused. We highly recommend that you call us and our blocked drain specialists to assess and repair the situation. 

1. Water draining slowly

The water in your sink, toilet, shower or bath draining slower than usual is a very common sign that you’ve got a blocked drain. If you’re showering, you may notice that water is pooling at your feet rather than immediately going down the drain. If you ignore this sign, it may make showering and cleaning more difficult over time.

2. Drain has a strange smell

A bad smell coming from your drain could be a sign of a blocked drain. Whatever is clogging your drain will eventually emit a strange odour as it begins rotting or decomposing in your drains. You won’t need to stick your nose right up to the drain, as you typically can smell it from a distance and it will become hard to ignore.

3. Drain is making a gurgling noise

Another sign that you’ve got a blocked drain is whether it is making a strange noise. If air is trapped in pipes as a result of a blockage, your drains and toilet will begin making gurgling sounds.

4. Water levels rising in toilet

A very easy sign of a blocked toilet drain is the water level. A blocked drain will result in your water levels rising more than usual after flushing. If it begins overflowing, immediately call us to assess the issue instead of grabbing a plunger.

5. Floors or walls are damp

A major sign of a damaged or collapsed drain is dampness around your home. If you notice damp patches in your wall or floor, it is important to call a drain special as soon as possible. If this problem is ignored, it can lead to irreversible damage to your home.

No matter the severity of these signs, we recommend giving LCL Plumbing a call to assess any damage to your home. At LCL Plumbing, we provide upfront and detailed service for any kind of blocked drains. After we’ve inspected your problem, we will determine a suitable solution and only commence repairs once you’ve approved the quote provided by our specialists.

Have you noticed any of these issues in your home? Give LCL Plumbing a call for a repair quote or go to our website to contact us.