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Why Sewer Pipes Get Blocked

Did you know that there are 400 kilometres of sewer piping just in Melbourne alone? A sewer pipe blockage can cause damage and problems in your yard and community. Severe sewer blockage can lead to ineffective draining, flooding, foul smells, hazards, and more!

No matter where you are, knowing the signs of sewer clogs can help you deal with blocked sewer drains. Read on to learn about some of the most common causes of sewer blockage.

Damaged Sewer Lines

One common cause of a blockage is damaged sewer pipes. When cracks begin to form, sewer pipe debris can become lodged in the cracks. It also can cause foreign matter to enter the line and disrupt the flow.

When this occurs, you should contact a professional plumber immediately. Repairing or replacing these lines is complex and not fit for a do-it-yourself fix. It’s also difficult for the average person to diagnose as it requires seeing the pipes.

Intense Weather

Another common cause of blockages is intense weather. Strong storms and intense rainfall can often help expose bottlenecks as the water backs up.

A surge of water can carry foreign debris into the pipeline. All the material flowing in can form a blockage that worsens as the storm continues.

These blockages can cause severe water backups and flash floods. Clearing the pipe is crucial to help local streets and sidewalks resist flooding. While rains are the most common cause, other types of inclement weather can also cause a blockage.

Foliage and Plant Matter

Owners of yards that have numerous trees, shrubs, or bushes should also exercise caution. Leaves, branches, and other foliage can easily make their way into the sewer pipes or drains. They are frequently found in most clogs.

If a drain clogs, it’s sometimes easy enough to rake the foliage away. Once the debris has entered the sewer pipes, it’s more difficult to remove.

Take the time to trim your trees and bushes and rake up leaves during the fall. Doing so can help prevent blocked sewer drains or pipes.

Home Clog

Many sewer clogs can begin in the home. If you’re flushing debris that you shouldn’t or letting dangerous things go down your drains, you can cause severe blockage. Some debris can cause the pipes to scratch, crack, or otherwise cause damage.

Sanitary products that find their way down a drain can swell and block a sewer drain. These will also build up over time, meaning that multiple hazards can swell and combine to create a severe blockage.

Dealing With a Sewer Pipe Blockage

Dealing with a sewer pipe blockage is rarely something you can do alone. Contact a professional plumber in Melbourne and have them look into what’s causing the sewer blockage. Blocked sewer drains and clogged or blocked pipes are common problems that can become expensive and catastrophic if not properly addressed.

For more information on how to care for your sewer pipes, be sure to contact us for more information.


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