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How To Safely Prevent Blockages In Drainage System

Blocked drains can cause nasty odours and expensive issues. This guide explores how to prevent them. 

Every year thousands of domestic and commercial drains need to be unblocked. A blocked drain or sewer pipe can cause horrible smells hygiene issues and could even mean that areas of a property can no longer be used. Here are some of the steps you can take to avoid a blockage in your drainage system. 

Install A Drain Guard

If your drainage system has a blockage, it will usually be caused by foreign materials and objects entering the drain. This can be anything from pieces of soap to hair and grease, depending on the drainage system in question. If a commercial kitchen drain is blocked, it will usually be because too much food waste has entered the system. You should install a drain guard on all plug holes around the property to avoid this. Drain guards will ensure that foreign objects can not enter the system, but they must be cleaned out regularly. 

Avoid Pipe Freezing 

One of the most common causes of a blocked drainage system is a frozen pipe in the winter. If water freezes in a pipe, it can partially or entirely block a drainage system. This will occur if the correct maintenance steps are not taken. You can take several steps to avoid your water freezing, causing a blockage. You should leave the heating on, even at a lower setting to keep the pipes warm. You can also insulate your pipes and water tanks with materials such as pipe sponge covers in areas where the pipe is likely to get cold. 


Your drainage systems need to be maintained to ensure that they work correctly. Over time, your drainage systems can develop issues due to debris entering the system. Drain cleaners can be used to remove any of the dirt and debris that might be building up in the pipes around the property. This is a step worth considering if you notice the water is running more slowly. Alternatively, you may want to arrange for a professional to inspect your drainage system and pinpoint the cause of the issue. 

Avoid Outside Blockages

Heavy rainfall is another reason why your drainage system can become blocked. Heavy rainfall will push dirt, debris and mud down the drain, clogging up the system. One of the ways that you can avoid this is by making sure that you do clean up any debris around your property. Particularly if you are expecting bad weather, even leaves can be carried into the drain by rainwater and cause it to clog up. This is one of the reasons why it’s essential to use the support of a landscaper if you have a commercial property. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key steps that you can take to safely prevent blockages in your drain system. Note that blockages can also be due to a poorly designed system where water isn’t flowing correctly. If you suspect this, get a professional to check your drains and provide the right fix. 


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