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8 Myths You Need to Know About Cleaning Your Drain

Stop looking at ‘quick fixes’ for your blocked drains online. These “fast solutions” could potentially be causing further damage to the original issue, resulting in significant issues and larger costs in the future.

If you seriously want to fix your blocked drain,  then you need to read these 8 myths about cleaning them:

Myth One: Every drain in your home works the same.

Fact: All drains and pipes can serve a variety of uses, work different and have different properties within your home. It is important you use the correct cleaning method for each, rather than using one you find online.

Myth Two: You can easily clean your drains with store-bought chemicals.

Fact: Despite the belief that store-bought chemicals are better, these chemicals are both extremely harmful to the environment and to your own health. On top of this, they can further damage your drain instead of solving your problem.

Myth Three: Drain cleaning is an expertise of all plumbers.

Fact: It is a fairly common service for plumbers to clean your drains, however, there are actually plumbers who specifically specialise in the solution of this issue. If you choose a drain cleaning specialist, you can be ensured that they have the best knowledge and tools to deal with all problems, no matter how serious.

Image of a drain being cleaned

Myth Four: It is expensive to solve a blocked sink.

Fact: It is common for people to conclude that a blocked drain is extremely serious and therefore expensive. However, if you act quickly and appropriately, it can be simple and low-cost to fix a blocked sink.

Myth Five: All blocked drain issues can be solved by snaking a drain.

Fact: Snaking a drain is often the first thing people think of when they have a blocked drain, however, they are not the most effective tool for cleaning them. While they are good at finding the clog, they aren’t the most effective at clearing them, and therefore it is likely that the drain will quickly become blocked once again.

Myth Six: Anyone can DIY a solution to a blocked drain.

Fact: Like any plumbing issue, it is important that you do not try to fix the issues yourself unless you are an experienced professional. By not calling in a specialised plumber, it is likely that you will cause further damage that will end up costing you more money.

professional plumber fixing and cleaning drain

Myth Seven: Your sink will sort itself out if it starts draining slowly.

Fact: it is not normal for any drain to be draining slowly and it will not fix itself. Hiring an experienced professional is important to correctly assess and fix the damage without causing a more serious issue.

Myth Eight: It will be expensive to hire a professional.

Fact:  In the long run, it is always the most cost-effective solution to hire a professional when it comes to plumbing. If you are to cause any more damage by doing it yourself, your issues can end up costing you far more than if you called at the beginning.

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