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The Benefits of Relining Your Drains

Many find drain repairs stressful due to the time-consuming process and the high cost that often follows, however, fast drain repairs are highly important. During traditional repairs, extensive digging often takes place to access the pipelines, which causes damage to the landscape and a huge bill for the property owner. 

At LCL Plumbing, our well-established specialists advise that our clients opt for our ‘no dig’ method. The LCL Plumbing ‘no dig’ drain relining technology is the most efficient and cost-effective solution for our clients as no excavation means less mess and disruption. We are often asked why a client should choose this option over the traditional pipe repair process, so we have compiled a list of benefits:

LCL Plumbing’s ‘no dig’ drain relining

1. It is less intrusive than the traditional process

The minimal disturbance and mess of our ‘no dig’ process is a major benefit in comparison to the traditional process that involves excavating, which often damages your lawns, pathways and gardens. The cleaning and fixing of the results after the traditional pipe repair process is also expensive and time-consuming. Avoid unnecessary damage to your land and choose LCL Plumbing’s ‘no dig’ drain relining option.

2. It prevents leaks and roots from accessing the pipes

LCL Plumbing seals the pipes entirely during their process, making it almost impossible for leaks to occur or for tree roots to interfere. By filling the gaps inside the pipes, our process provides a seamless long-lasting and permanent solution to your drain repair needs. 

3. It is more cost-effective than the traditional alternative

Compared to the traditional method, our ‘no dig’ process for repairing drains is more cost-effective. Firstly, the cost of cleaning and repairing your property is significantly less since there is minimal disruption and damage after the job is finished. Secondly, the whole process is cheaper as no heavy-duty equipment is required to excavate the land. 

LCL Plumbing specialist checking the drain relining technology

4. It is durable and reliable

Manufacturers guarantee a long-lasting warranty on their products as they ensure the materials used for relining your drains are long-lasting, durable and strong. The investment in relining your pipes is made rewarding due to the longer lifespan than drains fixed through the traditional process, freeing you from the responsibility of repairing or replacing your pipes often. At LCL Plumbing, we assure you that by choosing our ‘no dig’ process, the results will last for a long time.

5. It increases the flow capacity

The smooth surface provided by our choice of pipes increases the flow capacity by eliminating obstructions that can build up on the concrete, cast iron or clay pipes. The epoxy liners used at LCL Plumbing have a smooth surface that keeps your pipes clean, allowing a longer time between repairs or replacements

By choosing LCL Plumbing for your relining needs, you are guaranteed years of service trouble-free. Send us a question or request through our website, or call us to speak to one of our pipe specialists.


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