This project was a perfect storm of issues and limitations:

  • Limited access to the blocked sewer pipe area due to a boundary trap in the garden at the front of the house
  • Pipe work running under a brick fence with concrete footing at the boundary of the property, footpath and nature strip
  • Old and easily damaged asbestos water main and house service pipe extending from home to middle of road with connect directly under other services such as power phone and gas

To complete this project without using pipe relining technology this is what would have needed to happen:

  • Council permit would have been required for work under nature strip footpath and road
  • Traffic managent contractors would have needed to be employed  as well as blocking footpath area for at least 2 days with digging
  • Destruction of a two meter section of Brick wall at edge of property as well as damage to garden
  •  Due to services (phone power water locations) hydro excavation would have been required as well as curb and channel flow managment due to work being undertaken  on a major sewer main
  • After pipes were replaced there would have been a substantial amount of work to have everything back to its former state!
  • 3-4 days work

This is of course an extreme case but it’s only one of many difficult situations that we come across on a regular basis!

In the end using our relining technology the work was able to be completed with minimal digging (one access point in lawn to insert the relining system). The cost came in at around a third of the projected cost of a dig up and replace solution!