Pre-Purchase Plumbing & Drainage Inspections Can Save a Fortune

At the worst our plumbing inspections provide peace of mind that your property purchase is not going to lead to a nasty surprise! At best it can save you a fortune.
In a recent case we inspected a apartment building everything appeared fine until it came time to inspect the sewer piping where a major issue was found. The drain was 200mm earthenware and had very heavy tree root intrusion close to where it met the main sewer drain it was obvious to us that this would end up causing a major blockage which in turn would become problem for people living in the building. Due to the location of sewer main next to a large retaining wall digging was not an option to replace the earthenware pipe and a no-dig pipe relining solution was recommended and quoted. The client was able to re-negotiate the purchase price to take into account the extra work required to bring the building up to standard all in all saving close to $15000!

A building inspection is not the same as a plumbing inspection!

A typical building inspection will not usually cover and of these items

  • SEWER PIPES – DVD Video showing condition.
  • STORMWATER DVD Video showing condition.
  • PRESSURE TEST – to determine adequate water pressure.
  • GUTTERS AND DOWNPIPES – condition and life expectancy.
  • SURFACE WATER CHECK – adequate drainage in place.
  • WATER LINE – condition and pipe materials.
  • TAPS – Condition of all taps.
  • VANITIES – Condition of pipes in vanity.
  • TOILETS AND CISTERNS – Condition and flow rate.
  • LAUNDRY TUBS – Condition of pipes.
  • KITCHEN SINK – Condition of pipes and filters.
  • VENTING SYSTEMS – Condition of vents.
  • HOT WATER HEATERS – Date, life expectacy and valve check.